Just a Note! November 4, 2013

Hello World!

Another week has whizzed by leaving me to wonder.  Seems like when I was younger weeks had more weight to them, now their like clouds in a wind storm!


Be that as it may, first of all, I’d like to thank those bloggers who’ve honored me with their award nominations.  I know, I’ve written on all my blogs that I don’t accept awards, but I do accept the thought that goes behind them, and the appreciation that those nominations express through the awards they’ve thought to mention me for!

The first nomination for Versatile Blogger came from:

The second nominations were for two awards The ABC Award and the Sunshine Award :

Thanks for expressing these wonderful sentiments both of you!

As for expressing wonderful sentiments go, Sahm King over at WDBWP surprised me last week when he did a full feature on me and my blogs!  It came out on the 31st of October…and is entitled: Georgia, Bastet and Sekhmet: Portraits of Gods.  I have to admit that I was flabbergasted.  I mean, Sahm has always complimented me on my work, and I do administer Pixelventures at WDBWP, but I just never expected such a complimentary piece on me and my work.  Thanks so much Sahm A. King for all you do and have done!

Speaking of which WDBWP is in semi-shutdown at the moment.  This is because three of its administrators are doing the Novel in a Month Challenge, as are many poets and authors by the way. (And if bloggers are not doing that they are doing November Blog a Day…and some, like Baldy have computer problems :-/.)  I decided at the last moment to do the Blog a Day challenge…well, I blog everyday anyway, but I thought I’d officialise and have tied myself up with Rara, and BlogHer the links will be below!

On the 31st of October I also finished the October Poem a day write…and will make a page about it soon.

Now for a mentioning of friends I’m missing!  You’ve already seen that Baldy is off-line for the mo’.  I’ve had trouble following his posts recently because I’ve been up to my ears myself in problems…but now, he hasn’t posted for over a week.  Cubby of Reowr, my favorite poet and muse is also absent.  I’m hoping it’s because she’s having a lovely vacation in some fantastic South Pacific Island…but alas, I just don’t know.  She was to be back on-line last Monday, and did comment her blog on Wednesday and then…silence. Cranky has gone back to school and besides she’s really busy publishing lately!

This is the uncertain world of cyberspace…you meet some very extraordinary people, exchange opinions and become attached, but life goes on and we lose track of those we become a little attached to.  Such is life anyway, but in cyberspace…it’s like a comet shower every month!

On this note of melancholy reflection, I’ll close this post today.  I really have oodles to do and reality problems, unfortunately, are not like cyberspace meteor showers…they just linger on and you can’t turn them off!  😉

See you during the week, and hope you all are having a great time doing your various challenges or whatever!

Oh!!!! I was forgetting! The Paperbook Collective is ready to be downloaded for any of you who missed it…Issue 4!

Ciao!  Bastet!

For: NaBloPoMo and PoBlaNo Day 4



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