Just a note: Still Blocked

After 24 hours, I’m still locked out of my dashboard.  So, how am I posting you ask?  From that little line on the top of my homepage up near the notifications square and my avatar…it says: New Post.  I clicked it and got a rudimentary editor page.


I actually posted twice on Bastet and Sekhmet Library yesterday, using this little editor.  I now see that I can actually add tags, which I didn’t realize yesterday, but somehow, it’s just not home.  I can’t go and look at my media library to put in a photo (though I can insert photo…there’s a tab for that here) and I can’t put in a category.  I’t like being a refugee from one’s home as a hurricane rages outside and you just sit and wonder, when your home will be available again, if ever.  Oh, and this editor doesn’t have a spelling corrector, so misspelled words, my particular handicap, will abound.

I’m going through a bit of a family crisis at the moment, I think many of us are going through life crises at one time or another all the time.  Friends and family are far away and I’ve little contact with them.  I usually get through my personal “dumps” writing or elaborating photos.  Writing a poem, or a short story, is my way to refocus, usually.  I’ve a few drafts that are blocked up on my dashboard.  One for Ligo Haibun…another for another prompt…and not being able to get at them just makes me feel so sad…it’s like another weight pressing me down.  Silly of course, because when I’ve finished lamenting my sort here, I will of course go and try to reconstruct what was writing before this block-out and will post, without category etc. Life goes on, one adapts.

Just a consideration.  I keep reminding myself that Internet is one very large grid-like web.  It connects millions and maybe billions of people together everyday.  WordPress is just one tiny bit of the web, but it too has millions of filaments that connects millions of bloggers together.  Each time a community, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or WordPress (etc) makes a change in its format, inevitably there are going to be problems for the users.  Something will go wrong for someone somewhere.  That is the nature of programs…they’re full of bugs, because they’re written by people who just cannot forseen every single variable that is going to effect his/her program and those who use it through their individual computer, isp, browser or whatever.

WordPress is obviously making some interface changes…one which everyone can see right off, is the Reader.  What else they’re trying to change, I don’t know, but obviously their goal is to make their service more palatable and inviting which has brought new glitches into our world.   It is not in the nature of a modern cyber company to not innovate…unless of course they’re thinking along the same commerical lines as Apple, which made its reputation and commercial niche promoting stability.  In a world that always wants something “new” or where the powers that be think that their buyers always want something new, we are destined to constantly be subjected to arbitrary change and glitches, bugs or whatever it is you want to call them.

In the meantime, I looked at my stats for Bastet and Sekhmet Library and nearly cried…of course Through the Eye of Bastet hadn’t had so many readers since the day I created it…two sides of a coin there 😉

Have fun today, and if you get glitched, try to be phiosophical, this too shall pass, or at least I hope so!

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Rarsaur: Did the Captain of the Titanic Cry

Written for NaBloPoMo and Nano Poblano:  day 6

2 thoughts on “Just a note: Still Blocked

    • More than panic I feel depressed, but Sahm’s suggesting that I install Window’s Live Writer helped me put up the Haibun post, still can’t edit after the fact though, but it makes me feel better 🙂 thanks for the hugs I needed a good one and I hug you back!


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