Friday Fictioneers: November 8, 2013

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Copyright-Al Forbes

Copyright-Al Forbes

The Message

Walking down the grassy knoll the wind blew her hair around her face as she re-read the message.

“…so you see, there’s really no possibility for us.”

She’d re-read that message over and over, two years of love ended in a text message.

Pain hit her suddenly. The young man picked himself up.

“Oh! Meagan! You ok?”

“Fine.” Though she wasn’t.

“I was hoping to run into you, I wanted to know you better.” He grinned.

“Well you did that!” she smiled for the first time in a month.

They limped to the coffee kiosk. She put her phone away.

Word count: 100

16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: November 8, 2013

  1. Love this bitter sweet piece:-)Glad that they found each other -life should be all about the positives -no use in looking backward and regretting,life is to live,looking and moving onward and forward:-)

    Yes,life for today’s generation specially is all about texts and msgs on whtsapp or FB or twitter or the likes-no decency left-no respect for relationships-sad!Am glad I was born when I was and had the opportunity to enjoy love in it’s full glory-love letters,flowers,long walks,holding hands,stolen looks and kisses-what a ride!


  2. Dear Bastet,

    Your story brought me to tears for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the wonderful, effortless way you put it together. Thank you for the tears. Well done.




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