Just a Note! November 11, 2013

Hello world!



Here’s a photo of where I work.There are two work stations in this area, the blurred out area is my hubby’s work area. I actually work on two computers and sometimes I run down to the library and use on of theirs, this is because basically I have some problems working on either of my computers during the day.  The Problem is that my hubby gets very much upset when he sees me at a computer.  It’s been growing over the months.  He’s never been fond of my passion for the computer, but he usually has his own interests so it’s never been an issue.  He’s doesn’t get along well with computers himself, and when he does turn his computer on, he gets very frustrated…

Writers are noted for the fact that they slip into a world of their own, and I’m no different.  (Of course, I do that even if I’m not sitting down writing what is going through my mind…a poem, a power short or Just a Note.  But the physical act of me sitting at the computer sends him off.)  My second computer is in my study, but I can’t close myself off too long in my study either.  We’ve talked about the problem, but there’s little hope for a solution in the near future so, I do most of my blogging and writing between 4:30 and 8:30 in the morning.  Or, when he’s in a creative mood and goes into his world…then I don’t have to worry, I can stay 24 hours a day writing and peace and harmony reigns.

Last week was a bad week.  Not only did he not feel inspired, but he had a tooth extraction and was feeling miserable.  Then, I couldn’t post properly because my WP dashboard was blocked by a huge cookie, or at least one that was indigestable and it took me two days to figure out how to clean the mess up…and it was only thanks to Sahm King that I was able to get to the bottom of it.  I must admit to having felt very very depressed, and was just about ready to turn off my modem and return to my reading, never to post again.  But the crisis passed and here I am!

During the night Shu, came to visit!  You ask me who Shu is…he’s the Egyptian God of Wind.  And what a blow we’ve had, actually still going on.  It’s nearly 7:00 here and I’m just getting down to work because we had no electric until about 20 minutes ago!  Probably some power-lines went down as so often happens when we have bad storms.  Anyway the wind got so bad that I pulled my glass wind chimes in just to be sure they didn’t shatter!

Tomorrow, I will be appearing on We Poets Show It with a sedoka!  I’d submitted it about a month ago.  I’m calendared for Tuesday, November 12th on the 18:00 – 19:00 est slot.  It’ll be an adventure for me too, as I don’t remember what I wrote!

I have a post to submit to  Paperbook Collective for which I’m running late and would like to submit a piece for Olodriels new e-mag, The Tophat Raven.I should also edit my ghost story , Ghost Town and send it to Alpie Dog for publishing, if they accept it, which ME McMahon (Cranky) thinks they would!

The electric just went out again…I was lucky that WP had saved my work as I went along or this post would not have been published this morning!  So, now I’m working on Bastet (my netbook) instead of Sekhmet.(my desktop)..at least if everything shuts down again, old Sekhmet won’t be ruined!  Of course my media files are over on Sekhmet…

I’m going to close today, with a big thanks to all of you who have, unbeknownst to you, been so supportive and enthusiastic.  Your comments, and yes, your likes are a tonic which helps me overcome those moments when I think that life would be easier by just pulling the plug and washing my hands of the difficulties writing and blogging presents.  You’re a great crowd!

Ciao!   Bastet!

For: NaBloPoMo and PoBlaNo Day 11

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14 thoughts on “Just a Note! November 11, 2013

  1. Oh Bastet, you poor thing! I understand all to well that feeling of wanting to just switch of the modem and be done with it. I hope everything is slowly returning to normal for you. You still have plenty of time to submit for The Culture Issue of The Paperbook Collective, (submissions close 20th Nov), so don’t worry about that! I hope you have a great week.



    • Thanks for the understanding Jayde,as they say, this too shall pass…hoe it passes quickly though! I thought the submissions closed on the 14th and was getting a little worried there…I thought I’d briefly talk about and write a sedoka…it’ll be interesting to see how I can tie that up to Italian culture!


    • I’ve been through worse, and I always remind myself of that…but sometimes things seem so dark and gloomy, that I forget to look at the bright side of life…which makes me think of Brian of Nazereth! 😉


  2. Bastet, i completely understand the frustration you speak of, my blog was out of commission for 3 days last week too. i thought it was my modem as so many helpful folks suggested but something told me it was a WP glitch with their new logo appearing, something was different. a few strongly worded e mails later, it was repaired.

    and yes, it’s incredibly depressing when we get disconnected, when we need to write and connect and we can’t. so glad it’s all been resolved for us both.


  3. Great post! I hear you! I have the same issue with my hub, he thinks I’m just surfing around, doesn’t understand the time consuming work involved being a writer. We must use savor our precious moments! And I have encountered only too many issues with wordpress to mention, may you prevail!


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