Akashic Library: Lord Oberon and Queen Titania for Tea

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The other day, Sekhmet decided to invite Lord Oberon and Queen Titania over for tea.  This was a rather unusual affair, as anyone who knows Sekhmet must realize she believes that other’s should invite her and not the other way around.

But there’s a story here to be read to understand Sekhmet’s invitation.

Yesterday, Bastet had me write a Friday Fictioneer’s post about the historical feel of walking through a Mediterranean city, which are very often paved in marble and it went well with the photographic prompt posted.  A nice story as stories go, nothing exceptional though.  Then at the urgings of a new friend, SunnySummer2, Bastet went to read the contribution done by Lord Oberon.

copyright – Kent Bonham

copyright – Kent Bonham

I really thought that was a great story with a lovely bit of tongue in cheek humor!  In synthesis, some tourists go to the Holy Land and after a day touring come upon an alley and are marveled by the ‘disabled access’ on the marble stairs built so many centuries before by the Christians.  Bastet’s whiskers twitched.  It was more than she could bear, she took the keyboard from my hands and commented!

Now, if she’d just mentioned perhaps the fact that the Romans had done all the marble work throughout the Mediterranean area, perhaps it would not have created the misunderstanding, but she was trying to be friendly and went so far as to involve my son in the picture, which I found annoying. The lad is a history major, of the new school of thought.  Basically, their orientation is that the present cannot understand the past because they’re too involved in their own cultural priorities to understand the workings of a society in the past, basically we project our present cultural priorities on the past. Complicated.  But, he probably would have loved to have read that conclusion, I’ll give her credit for that.

Sekhmet sat back in delight as she saw Titania come to fore responding to the ill-written comment with verve.  Bastet was disoriented and flustered, something she’s not used to, since she thought she’d offended her host and I was annoyed with her too. Of course as with all above average immortals, they were able to clear up their positions, but as I said Sekhmet was just absolutely delighted, let’s say ecstatic, to see Bastet on the hot spot!

“What a delightful personage this Queen Titania, do ask her and her Lord to come up for a cuppa or a sip of ambrosia when next you see her.” crooned Sekhmet.

“What if Puck decides to do one of his little tricks again?  You know what he pulled off when they were having their little domestic spat a while back?”

“Don’t be silly, that sprite has long since been freed from Lord Oberon’s service and has moved to the United States and with Loki is playing around with the Republican and Democratic parties.”

So, Bastet in her comment, excusing the thoughtless parts of her considerations, forwarded Sekhmet’s invitation which was most graciously accepted.

They came up next year after finishing their tour of Australia.  Sekhmet was quite dour when she saw that Queen Titania and Bastet become fast friends enjoying a wonderful afternoon tea discussing the foibles of mortals as Lord Oberon smiled on.

Ah…I see I’ve perplexed you.  The Akashic Library is outside human time…so though the incident happened yesterday, Sekhmet made the invitation the other day and the good monarchs came over for tea next year… 😉


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2 thoughts on “Akashic Library: Lord Oberon and Queen Titania for Tea

  1. And I might add a delightful tea it was with Oberon’s favourite scones with cream and strawberry jam, shared with such delightful company. My new best friends will be visiting Oberon and I in the near future when i get him to clean out the bower. Thank you again for such a delightful afternoon. Love Titania.


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