6 thoughts on “Naani: words

  1. Bullying is such an insidious aspect of human behaviour. We should have it every week not just give it one. Awareness helps to educate people but still it festers. Great Georgia that you bring it to attention on your blog.


    • Thanks Michael, I agree, it seems that one of the aspects of human behaviour is try to dominate and control others, bullying is one of the harsher aspects of this tendancy, it’s also an aspect that strangely enough passes in silence. For the 13th Floor Paradigm I had a prompt up looking for poetry or stories to help promote this week, it went virtually unnoticed. Thanks for your comment.


        • That is a very good thing to hear. I think it also has to do with the aptmosphere the kids breath…some places are far too tolerant of bullying…when my son was little for a period he was a victem of a group of bullies, we were told by the teacher that the kids have to learn to fend for themselves…


          • That’s such a cop out and it doesn’t help kids like your son. I would like to think that now days most school systems have very active anti-bullying programs in place.
            I know here there are big pushes within schools to stamp it out, they wont because kids are kids but at least there are plans to minimise it as much as possible.


          • Yes, it created some problems for him…now they do have programs against bullying here in Italy too and their trying to stamp out the worst of it…Italy, though is basically a macho sort of society. In my opinion, bullying is not reserved to childhood…I’ve seen too many adult bullies to believe that, but if we start working against it when we human’s are youg perhaps we can, as you say minimise the damage.


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