TrifeXXXtra: Week 94 (Erotica) Freeverse: To Ride with Chopin

And now on to a completely different type of prompt. As you may or may not know, November 15 is National Erotica Day. Trifecta is not an erotica-specific type of place, but we never shy away from a chance to stretch our creative limbs, and we hope you’ll join us as we dive in to celebrate this quirky day.

We are asking for an open write this weekend–33 to 333 words of erotic writing. No specific words need to be used, and we aren’t necessarily banning any either.


Free Verse

To ride with Chopin

Chopin in the background
on a warm summer evening
we laid upon our tatami
exploring each other’s body
each passage of the music
entered into my soul
as I played your magic flute
following lovingly the nocturne’s
liquid flow
just as the music crescendos
reaching almost to its climax
suddenly it’s stops…
and  another movement starts

you played me like a piano
with lips and fingers moving
along my back and thighs
reaching at last my mound
and again the music quickened
as your lips and fingers played
until just as the music crescendos
reaching almost to its climax
suddenly it stops…
and another movement starts

I climb upon your stead
and then began my ride
following Chopin’s lead
we galloped along
the growing sensation’s tide…
until the music flowed
into forte fortissimo
and suddenly

into its triumphant finale.

the evening sun was setting
a bird sang out in glee
and in that special moment
united were we three…
you, Gaia and me.

Word count: 165

43 thoughts on “TrifeXXXtra: Week 94 (Erotica) Freeverse: To Ride with Chopin

        • Dear me…you make me blush, I mean really blush…thanks so very much for this fantastic comment, you’ve made my day! (And from what I’ve read you do really write very well already!)


          • Oh you are a very sweet soul for saying…I know that there are many, oh so many in this contest so far that have moved me…however NONE as you…this has my #1 vote…I will read all of the rest that come after you…however, it will take a BIG something to move me as you have…yes I keep reading it…and you say this was a “free write”?!! You did this off the cuff? I’d also love to know how you were able to paint the words…I’m new, very new to this blog thingy…I have painted pictures but not on here…maybe I just need a lesson or two 😉


          • yes, it’s a free vers, and as usual, I write off the cuff. I’m happy you used the phrase paint with words…I like to try and do just that with the short prose as well as poems when possible.. I wouldn’t have thought you were so new at writing if I were judge from what little I’ve read. I think if you’ve already painted pictures, you should just do that here too. No need for lessons I think 😉


          • I’m speaking of the format…your picture that you “painted” is of something I see…I tried to move words in a 3 line poem and when they posted they were all on the left side…


          • Ah…well, you have to use the center setting…like you do on word. Then be careful ‘case sometimes you go to publish and the words will go to the left again…a real bother. If you save the draft it will usually show you what youll see once published, there’s a tutorial on the first page of the editor for writing poetry, or at least there used to be!


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