Ghazal: My World

Ghazal:  My World

Walk with me in this wee sweet world one day
But remember that my world is sacred

This little land of poems and stories
Though fragile is a shy world of pleasure.

If these visions do not please, so be it
Walk your path but please thy world is not mine.

Lovely  to share a fine story and song
Each in its own way a fine world in rhyme.

But, Bastet isn’t a colony for you to conquer!
Carefully with respect visit my bonsai world freely..

N.B. this poem’s first line was: Walk with me in my sweet blue world one day…the Ghazal was actually inspired by Morpethroad Prompt 30: Color (1).  I changed the first line as the new line seemed more suitable after I’d written the rest.

15 thoughts on “Ghazal: My World

    • Thanks you that’s really encouraging, it’s still a form I’m trying to perfect, I recame across it through TJ Therien, who’s very accomplished, thouh I’d read Hafiz and Rumi’s translations in the past. Cubby of Reowr also did a beautiful challenge dedicated to the Ghazal.


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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