At The Akashic Library: November 23, 2013

Hello World!

A dear friend of mine wrote this to me this morning:  “can you tell me about this Library?
You mention it a lot but I know very little about it……”



Bastet and Sekhmet as well as all the knowledge of the whole Universe and all the gods and every bit of information…every thought, sentiment etc. are stored in the Akashic Library…some call it just the Akashic records actually.  It is said to be centered outside space-time continuum, centered upon the Earth and accessible by all.

The word Akasha comes from Sanskrit: Aka – sky and sha – space and is said to mean,  “an unseen space or storage place.”

I first encountered the idea from an Austrian friend of mine when I lived in Asmara back in 1973.  The idea of a secret universal place where one could be inspired, fascinated me.  So when I began to fill out the characters of Bastet and Sekhmet over the months, I  had to find a home for them, I thought of the Akashic Library.

Here are some places you can go to look up what the Akashic Library or Records are for many people:

Wikipedia as always a pretty comprehensive look at what’s behind the idea of any subject.

The Akashic Library: I’ve never actually visited this site until today.  I think it’s probably got to do with New Age stuff…

Akashic Transformations: again not a site I really know, but looking at the faq sheet thought it might prove to be interesting.

Don’t get carried away with any of this stuff.  I’m not really sure if they know anything about the Akashic Library (except maybe Wikipedia).  The idea first came to the West with the Theosophists at the beginning of the 1900s.  It is all mixed up with mysticism and New Age now days.  But for me it’s just a cool place where I think my Goddesses can stretch out and do a little reading, plus there are always neat persons to meet, like Oberon and Titania, where I can figure out how jinn and glitches are related and maybe have a chat with Einstein!

Have a great day!

This post is dedicated to Michael Grogan from Morpethroad in Australia who inspired this post by asking the question!  Many thanks.

2 thoughts on “At The Akashic Library: November 23, 2013

    • My pleasure Michael, up until yesterday no one had asked about the Akashic Library, though it’s months that I’ve mentioned it linked with my two “Muses” (put that in quotes as they of course aren’t muses at all bu goddesses 😉 ). Hope you enjoyed the info! Georgia.


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