Ghazal: Ubuntu



november 6th

Whatever could I have been thinking about that day
When I dual-booted Ubuntu anyway?

My system is still going strong and I love it
So why change now and use Ubuntu anyway?

One day, I know XP will die out and what then?
At that moment, I’ll have Ubuntu anyway!

Not easy to learn a new system at may age
I’m trying to make it with Ubuntu anyway!

If Bastet should fail in this endeavor
At least she tried Ubuntu anyway.


This is also for: NaBloPoMo and PoBlaNo Day 26!






50 thoughts on “Ghazal: Ubuntu

  1. From the small image, I thought you were writing sbout a C64, all I saw was this big grey sea with a bunch of keys in the middle 🙂

    Ubuntu is fine. I prefer Linux Mint. It’s known as ‘Ubuntu without the Bullshit’ 😀


    • Ah…the photo actually had nothing to do with the poem 🙂
      Personally, I prefer very user friendly operating systems, my days of fracking around with command lines are really very far gone and so even Ubuntu hassels me when I need to install wine etc to install progams I always use…sometimes bullshit can be helpful 😀


        • Now that looks cool! My problem is that I’m little better than a knowledgable user…in the old days, I did pick up a bit, but have lost a lot of that knowledge. I agree, the Unity does seem to be buggy after trying to get it to do the elementary stuff like hold a desktop image even after reboot, after blocking one of my dvd readers because I opened the other…and had to get my trusty wire to open the drawer to take out the dvd inside it (or close down the system) all the crap of trying to install a Firefox upgrade…yeah…it has some problems, for me who is a lowly near illiterate user.


          • See, that is the kind of stuff that had me move to LM. It uses a fork of Gnome 2, much more stable. Less ‘fancy crap’ to deal with. Something I can customize to look pretty and have some functionality at the same time, without breaking every time I make a change. That setup on the vid took me 4 months of doing a bit here, a bit there. It’s still evolving. The details are here


          • I’ll have a look..problem is my configuration…at the mo I’ve got Ubuntu dual-booting with my XP…my XP can’t even see the hdd where Ubuntu is seated…couldn’t even before I put Ubuntu up. Still as you say…I’m not willing to mess around too much with an OS…either it works or it doesn’t..I’d rather write poetry and stories rather than code!


          • Should just run one OS and run Virtual Machines within it. easier and no need to reboot the machine 🙂

            Not sure what the best setup for Ubuntu is these days, given the issues and such. Really comes down to hardware support I think. I obviously like to fiddle with things. Not much I own ever remains stock for long after it’s been acquired 🙂


          • Basically I know what you mean about remainging stock. I’ve got a Packard Bell had it since 2006…but, because it doesn’t have a parellel port, I got a Multi-Docker with USB out so I could connect my LaserJet 4L to the computer…that HDD that windows refuses to see (in fact it refuses to see most HDD I put on the darn computer) is a sata laptop hdd in sata 1 postition and that’s where Unbuntu lives now. My wi-fi is static, I have to give a tcp-ip to any computer that wants to connect up, after connecting with password…my home lan system was what dictated that choice, and it took me 3 days to figure out how to get all my computers (5) to speak to each other and share files, so I don’t want to go through that again! Even my audio is jerry rigged…got a little home-made amplifier (hubby’s addition) that hooks up to the speakers (old tv speakers as it were). I’ve got my external disks permanetly connected to the computer…because inside the computer the darn thing isn’t seen, and I have a second color laser printer I just bought which should go via wi-fi…but I have the tcp-ip issue to solve, so I have to use it via USB.
            Now the Virtual Machines are probably easier and more convenient to learn how a OS works, but slower and my computer is no whiz kid…I’ve got 2GB ram with a D Pentium cpu, which should be dual core, but I’m not really sure if it is…I live in Italy and anything is possible. I did think of doing a WUBI install, but decided it would be better just to put Ubutu on a HDD by itself and learn how to use it. Just to be sure my Windows didn’t get messed up. Fact is with my OS (XP) I know how to get everything working, been using it for years so there are no big secrets. People can say what they like about it, but with a little tweaking and care it’s worked great for me, I just did a re-install once about 4 years ago. The only reason that I’m trying to look into an alternate system is because sooner or later this computer will need to be changed and I would like to go with a system that isn’t Microsoft…but that’s because I’m not happy with having to change everything every 2 years or so because of the consumeristic idea that’s behind that game. On the other hand, seems that the Linux folk are happy to play games with this or that bit of code and can’t get their act together etither. The only alternative in the end may be spend a mint and buy an Apple…sigh.


          • Sounds awesome for the setup and stuff you learned! Sure, it was a pain to go through, trust me, been there/done that, but you are so far ahead of the average user. Something to keep in mind, when dual-booting, always install Windows first. Apple? No better than windows really, given that most things are done online all you need is a browser and any operating system has one of those. The difference between the two comes down to what else are you going to do with it. If you just use online stuff, like write a blog through, then it doesn’t matter what operating system do you use. Hell, even DOS with Arachne web browser (yes, DOS can browser teh intarwebs), would work for googling. You might want to look into Damn Small Linux For just goofing around with a very small operating system. It is only like 50 megabytes in size. So that could run in a virtual machine without much stress on your current computer. Using IRC And finding a good group of people to talk with will go a long way in getting things fixed and solved. You could always mess around with live CD Versions of any Linux operating system to test out how it works on your computer without any changes at all to the computer itself.


          • Windows was already up and runing…problem we had was getting the grub to work properly…I think my friend, who was in a rush miswrote it or it could have been because of the hdd issue. Anyway we got it to dual boot which was the main thing.
            I thought about that (using a lot of stuff on-line) and figured that in the end if I could just get Ubunu to read my pdfs window docs and could elaborate my photos with picasa, which has the option of putting my photos on line (which I’ve never done except through WordPress by the way) it would be sufficient…but then I remembered…I also use my computer as home entertainment center…don’t have and don’t want a TV…so music and films become necessary and then there’s the home lan…big problem as the lan was created through XP and rebuild the system makes me tremble.
            Sounds cool that Damn Small Linux…could I install it to a sdd you think? Might be a way to play around on my netboook. Know the CD Versions are available…did that for awhile and decided that XP was easier 🙂


          • Doing media on Linux is easy I got a nice 27 inch monitor for my movie watching pleasure. I play all my music on it and I don’t have any issues. In fact using either VLC or the Linux media player called Banshee everything works great. Damn Small Linux would be something to play with but not use on a regular thing unless you had a real reason for doing so. There are many other a lightweight Linux distributions as well. Damn Small Linux is not overly pretty to use. Better to install any Linux distros on a USB key and boot from the USB key. That is if your netbook will boot from a USB device. Networking with windows can be a real pain. I’m surprised at the seemingly big issue of network setup you had. And I have some concerns with Picasa, Google seems to be changing things to make it less shareable to the outside world. When I go to Google photos now I can’t find the Share Link at all. But on Picasa Web the link is right there easy to share with anyone.


          • Found the solution to that. had to install Picasa 3.6 with wine and wine tools then to transfer photos you have to install…guess what: Internet Explorer 6 always with wine which i guess is an app to permit one to use .exe progs on linux…and Microsoft does it again…


          • Nah, Google is it’s own company. Skype has only gotten worse over the years. Been noticing a downward trend is performace even before teh official MS take-over. So I suspect the official changing of hands happened after everything was going to hell. Google Hangouts works better IMHO, and you can do a conference for free, unlike Skype.


          • I ‘converted’ a few years back. After understanding how unreliable HDs have become, storing everyday stuff on it(i.e. email) just wasn’t a good idea. Of course having a backup of everything is always a good idea. Google even lets you backup all your data (need to do that, haven’t’ done it in a bit). Still, it all comes back to trust. Of course there are things that I will simply never put into the hands of another corporation willingly, but daily emails are fine. Documents are ok, all my pics are there, and of course vids(kinda annoyed with Youtube in general but it’s liveable). I figure I’ll let the multi-million dollare data centres keep my data from being lost rather than the cheap HD manufacturers where you ave to replace a dead HD every 2-3 years and that’s the easy part. Recovering data can be expensive.


          • Oh and I use VLC with XP so that is not problem. My netbook reads a USB key in “dos” so I suppose if it’s bootable there should be no problem.


          • VLC is great. Yeah, just do a test. Download say the Linux Mint ISO, burn it, boot to it and see. Do you have a USB CDROM for the netbook?


          • Nice. Depending on your use for it, there are quite a few flavours of Linux that will run on it. Might be an idea to try out one of them on it and keep the main system as is till you are convinced converting is a good way to go. Just a thought.


          • Could be an idea…I use it when I go travelling of course, for reading (put in a 50 gb sdd for my library…ebooks and films) but also for my weekly English course, so until I know I like a system she stays as she is 🙂


          • Well, install a Linux OS on a USB key, boot the netbook from it. You can still access the internal HD just fine and watch/read stuff. Easiest way to test out things.


          • LOL…sorry about the delay…had a power outage over here and then the rest of the day got busy…I wonder why WordPress never thought of that…or maybe they did an we don’t know about it! 🙂 Still We’re doing pretty good all by ourselves.


          • Yup. They kinda want to keep comments as the main thing methinks. Otherwise interaction would drop on blogs. Then again, maybe it’ll keep comments more on topic to the original post 😀


  2. My husband is a programmer and he hates windows with a passion, so I have been running Linux operating systems on my computer for so long, it is so much better than windows, I never have the same problems I get with windows, like it going to sleep and won’t wake up. I run Ubuntu as well, not as good as it used to be, but still so much easier and fewer problems than the other one.


    • I’m still too new to the alternate OS to give a valid opinion, right now I’m just in the “frustrated getting to know the darn thing” phase..I’ll tell you what I think in a few weeks…Of course it is helpful having a programmer shuffling about the house 😉


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