Lilith’s Prompt: What Might have been

On WDBWP last week Lilith put up a great prompt…which I had intended to write on, and then got lost in everyday stuff…so, though very late, here it is:

What if

The TV blared in the background as James and Jessica had their evening meal.

“What would have happened I wonder, if that day when they shot at old JFK they’d actually killed him?”

“You feel like pondering imponderables this evening?”

“Well I mean…would we have gone into Vietnam the way we did?  Would Bobby have been President?  Would we still have a colony of sorts on the moon?  Would the gun lobby have been neutralized?  Would we have worked hand in hand with the USSR against global warming? Who knows what the world might be today?”

“And now for today’s weather report!” The TV announcer said: “The Satellites have decided there will be rain over the West Coast….”


n.b. okay…what can I say, I love science fiction. 😉 Have a great Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “Lilith’s Prompt: What Might have been

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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