Pleiades Poem: Walking

Pleiades Poem


When poems I can’t write,
Word’s fire soon reignite…
Weary, I find respite,
Weaving dream paths by night,
Wandering too, by daylight,
Welcomes thoughts in free flight…
Walking brings me delight!

Thanks to Caddo Spumoni‘s introduction to this form, I wrote the original poem for Poet’s Corner.

12 thoughts on “Pleiades Poem: Walking

        • True. I just read a short piece by Baricco an Italian author, he says at a certain point that when someone asks why he writes a piece the true answer should be…I don’t know, because when one begins to create something new, they are actually on the sitting boarder of chaos where the story doesn’t exist yet.


  1. Lovely Georgia,
    Words that don’t come are the writers greatest issue
    Sometimes you just have to play with the language
    let the words take some shape
    before you know it there is a story
    to save or to dump, that is the question.
    I save as you never know when a line might come in handy


    • I actually rarely have a problem with not being able to write. I just start writing as you say and let the story or poem form by itself. It has happened, and I’ve got some saved drafts to prove it, that sometimes the piece just goes nowhere, but one never knows, it has happened that one of those pieces comes to life. Basically I was talking about walking in this poem, when things get too “heavy” and I can’t read or write, I walk.


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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