Kyrielle Variations: The Bridge

The RoseThe Bridge


The bridge
leads to
a smiling
square house!

The bridge

The bridge

The bridge
by a
red rose.

The bridge


Life’s bridge
leads me
from youth
to age.

Life’s bridge
each new

Life’s bridge
new souls
a joy!

Life’s bridge
the way
not the
end goal.

Life’s bridge


And if I should come upon a bridge,
That cannot be crossed, what then
Is it possible for this to happen?
Can a day without passage exist?

I contemplate the problem and think:
If one bridge is blocked another is free!
Forever in movement, we never stop crossing.
If not one bridge then another one will do.

The bridges of life, the material bridges,
every single living moment is a crossing,
from my yesterday ’til my tomorrow
and all the people I meet move too.

Should I then be saddened when you’re gone?
I will be, even if it’s silly to be so.
Each person who has crossed bridges with me,
becomes a part of me, leaving something.

and so my life goes on as I cross my bridges
knowing not the goal, just the way, sometimes.

Written for Prompt 32 Bridge: MINDLOVEMISERY

I’ve chosen to write this post, a sort of meditation, using a double Gary Kyrielle and then a semi Kyrielle…actually free verse following the Kyrielle pattern.

14 thoughts on “Kyrielle Variations: The Bridge

  1. I like this a lot. It conjures up all sort of images in the imagination and paints such a picture of our existence in a way that is so tangible. Lovely 🙂


  2. This is beautiful, the bridge of life, how eloquent when you think of it that way, always a passing from one place to the next, from one stage to the next, perfectly crafted. x


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