WDBWP-Poetry Prompt #003: Dream States

From Sahm at WDBWP

Prompt: We all have dreams, though sometimes they’re hard to remember.

  This week, pay close attention to your dreams.  If you remember to do so, upon waking, attempt to write a poem about your dream (unless it’s too personal, that is).  Use whatever form you wish, whether it be the Ghazal, Sonnet, Haiku, or what have you.  As an optional step, try interpreting your dream and telling us what you believe it means.


Free Verse

 Dream City

I walk down streets
crowded people bustling
pushing all me along,  in a rush
until I find a quiet corner that leads
into the familiar alleyway I visit often
welcome small shops beckon and call
each one a familiar stall
full of my favorite products
the smells
the sounds
the very air
shimmer and tempt
then, the shops suddenly close
the streets are abandoned…

 I’m here
inside this plaza
familiar yet unknown
the buses hurry by
driven by ghosts
in this world
only wind
no voices
no song
no one
I enter…

a wide open thoroughfare
sun shines and beckons me
into a city park
flowers all in bloom
peaceful and perfumed
young people holding hands
old people feeding pigeons
I hear the crunch of gravel
a plane flies overhead
sitting on a bench
I see your face
and I
smile before I awaken
back to my everyday world


N.B. This is just three variations of a dream I often have…there’s another one that I dream often it’s about too, it takes place in an old abandoned house full of treasures to be discovered in each room.  Who knows maybe I’ll write about it someday both the city and the house leave me with a feeling of serenity. The only them is that while I’m dreaming I’m pretty much aware that they are dreams and I ask myself where I’ve seen the places before.  Hope there are no Freudians or Jungians among my readers!

I thought it was cool that the three verses formed figures for me today…a lamp, a key hole and a vase!

5 thoughts on “WDBWP-Poetry Prompt #003: Dream States

    • Glad you enjoyed it…I’ll have to get back to that house…it’s really one of my favorite dreams. Though my childhood dreams of flying horses wasn’t bad either 😉


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