Just a Note: December 9, 2013

Hello World!

Well…there isn’t much to say this morning.  The weather, here in my valley has been cold but sun shiny so nothing to complain about!  Looking at the news I’ve seen that the United States and part of Europe are frozen in with terrible snow storms…so I  I’ll just be thankful my cold sunny valley and won’t even complain when the rain starts again.


I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out how to stream with Ubuntu.  What a waste of a day…and I’m so happy it wasn’t my last 24 hours.  Sahm’s Wednesday story prompt from WDBWP keeps me company these past few days as I sit and try to think up a story to post.  I fell asleep early last night and had many dreams.  In one, I wrote a poem, that I tried to remember so I could post it in another dream.  Then there it was the 24 hour prompt.  I finally got up a here I am…wondering about those last 24 hours we all have to face some day.  Only we usually don’t know that they will be the last, now do we 😉

I’ve been participating through a few different blogs recently.  One very interesting one is The Mag, for which I wrote inspired by their photo: Black Angel, which I did in a modified Kyrielle Sonnet…6 syllables instead of the classical 8.  Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, a blog dedicated as written to Haiku from out of Holland has seen my daily participation.  Kristjaan Panemann is the administrator of the blog under the name of Chèvrefeuille.  This month the prompts are mostly inspired by the great music of Adrian von Ziegler, a Swiss based neo-Celtic musician…fantastic!  Another new experience for me has been Pens and Lens by Sally with their phoneography prompts…for ’tis not only Sally who publishes if I’ve understood correctly! The interesting thing is that each Monday has a fixed prompt…Monday 1 dedicated to Nature, 2 to Macros, 3 Black and White whereas: ” 4th and 5th Mondays: Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel” I actually posted the same post twice…I had thought I was on Through the Eye of Bastet doing the prompt, but alas I was here on the Library…what a confusion!

I’ve still participated on WDBWP, the Speakeasy, Trifecta, Ligo Haibun and the Friday Fictioneers, you just have to go to the posts to find the sources!  I also had fun thanks to   Paint the World With Words and wrote some limericks for her Monday prompt last week.  Thanks to a lovely blogger Blog it or Lose it, I wrote A Terzanelle – Challenge: Seasons.  That day began with Seasons thanks again to Sahm King…and I wrote several post that morning dedicated to the various aspects of seasons…as a human or a visitor of Earth’s changes.

So..that’s what I’ve been up to.  Besides all the other things one does in life, like house cleaning, fooling around with computers (ugh…can’t get a decent stream at times and have been trying to tweak without changing hardware…sigh), walking either by myself or with the family.  You know, the every day thing we all do….now if I had only 24 hours to live and knew it, what would I do?  You know, I think I’d just add to what I usually do a few Skype calls to my Kids, Sis and Mom and avoid getting myself down because Hubby doesn’t like me blogging…hell, after that 24 hours I wouldn’t be bothering him anymore with that particular Bastet quirk!

Ciao…have a nice week and keep blogging and have fun whilst you do it!



19 thoughts on “Just a Note: December 9, 2013

  1. What a busy person you are Georgia. I have ventured into d’verse in recent weeks and that has been fun, but you are into everything it seems. Good luck to you I say. Enjoy it all I am.
    Take care and you have a great week too.
    Today it has been 37C here, very warm and the sort of weather you stay out of.


    • Ach…that’s rubbing it in Michael…37C! There are people in this half of the hemisphere that have the chilling experience of -3F—I’m afraid that the Americans don’t tell you if it’s C or F..and when someone mentioned -3 degrees I didn’t get excited…it was 0C here yesterday morning that is 32F…chilling! I like to write and I like new ideas so I do a little of this and that. I think I’ll skip Ligo Haibun this week though…the quotes don’t inspire me and I don’t like the minimum limit. Thanks for dropping by.


          • Oh well…I still don’t feel inspired by the quotes…and I don’t like to have a minimum limit…I’m the queen of the power short…I do write longer pieces but I prefer a short sweet and to the point write, and I’m a little traditionalist too…haibun should be a short story about some sort of a journey capped by a haiku…ergo Hai from Haiku and Bun from story. But an experiment is always fun…just don’t like to be limited or would it be extended in this case, arbitrarily.


          • Last summer, I did a collaboration with a photographer, I wrote a tanga for the photo…usually one does a haiku…so it becomes a haiga…the ga meaning drawing or in this case photo…I wondered then if shouldn’t have called it a tanga…but thought better of it 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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