We Drink Inspiration – 24 Hours: The Dream

The Dream

The angel came to visit Marion in her dreams.  Black wings and all…death dressed in a beautiful shimmering black robe, and as I said with black wings too.

“Marion!  I’ve come to inform you, that today will be your last day on Earth.  You’ve 24 hours to make peace with the world, then you will be coming away with me!”

She awoke with a start.  Marion was a prolific dreamer.  One of those persons who remembers just about everything they dream and she used them to write her poetry and stories.

The first thing she did that day, was in fact write a poem about her experience.

black wings and silk gown
she came to visit last night
angel of my death

She also wrote a short story, than she called her son and they talked for an hour, and she said, “just in case, this is my Blog’s password, put my poems and stories in order and publish them if you find something worthwhile”.

The Skype lit up with it bi bo bi…and so she talked to her Sister who happened to be at her Mom’s house.  They had a good laugh about the dream and talked about her trip home for spring.

Her two older sons delighted her too with an early call.  They were usually only available on the week ends.  She also talked to her grandkids who were home for Christmas break.

She went for a walk and stopped by her favorite café where she met up with a couple of her friends who’d stopped by fortuitously.  She then took out her camera and took some photos that she thought might go nicely for a couple of photo challenges she wanted to participate in.

When she got home, it was still pretty early in the day.  So she elaborated the photos then posted them.

Her husband got up around 11:00 that morning, later than usual.  They had hot brioche and cappuccino for breakfast and then decided to go for a drive down to the lake to take advantage of the bright sunny day.  It was interesting to see all those people she’d missed seeing over the past few months since she’d gone into retirement.

They had an early lunch at their favorite Chinese restaurant.  Then coffee at their favorite café.  The sun of course had gone down, and a chill set in, so they went home.

Their good friends John and Carol dropped by.  Marion made some pop corn and they pulled out a bottle of Chardonnay.  Then they decided to watch “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen.  She noticed that it had begun to snow.  She loved to look at the snow fall.

At midnight their friends went home and they went to bed, and made love.

Marion woke up with a start!  What a dream!

The angel of death smiled at her: “No Marion, not this time.  Did you enjoy your last 24 hours on Earth?”


WDBWP Wednesday Story Prompt: if you had just 24 hours left….I’ve also chosen to use Chèvrefeuille’s gift by Adrian Von Ziegler to inspire this piece.

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