Tanka: An Amreen Inspired Prompt

Paint the World with Words has a Monday prompt that changes each week.. Ths is only the second time I’ve participated…last week we were invited to write a Limerick!  This week it’s a tanka!  Yeah one of my favorite forms!

soft frosted

soft frosted


Autumn is passing

how autumn ages
the hoar frost creates white fields
crunch along the path
soon autumn will just pass on
youthful winter soon begins

7 thoughts on “Tanka: An Amreen Inspired Prompt

  1. Wow! I am a fan of Tanka Poems as well, they carry so much of imagery and is just like one writing images! You have done an incredible job with this. I liked how you personified Autumn here and the changes in weather is depicted so aptly here! Awesome tanka for sure! Thanks for participating Bastet, its amazing to see you guys write for the challenge.



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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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