Carpe Diem’s Imagination #10, “Aurora Borealis”

Carpe Diem was inspired by a post done by Managua Gunn….so we think of The Aurora Borealis!


serpent lights the sky
purple and green swirling streams
cold tundra nights

cold tundra nights
aurora without sunshine
shimmering colors


N.B. I lived my last years in the United States in Anchorage, Alaska…it was always something special when the Aurora Borealis shone at night over the snow.

10 thoughts on “Carpe Diem’s Imagination #10, “Aurora Borealis”

    • Ach would love to see the place again..been away for over 40 years. My dad was stationed at Elmendorf AFB, but we were housed at Fort Richardson. Went to High School at Diamond-Mears 🙂


      • You probably know of the O’Malley Road area then…leads to Flattop Mtn. Those were my stomping grounds 1964-1977.
        Let me know if you have photo requests and I will love to be your photojournalist for Anchorage area. My family is in Chugiak-Eagle River area, with one sis in Homer.


        • Wow! Of course I remember O’Malley Road and Eagle River too of course. I lived there until 1970! I’d love to see how the area has changed after all these years, as I’m sure it must be a whole other world!


          • It is. I can barely recognize O’Malley. It is like a big city. it was mostly woods when I was there.
            Well, expect to see some tours when I get up there. I have spent a lot of time there since my husband died in 2009. I will be there several months, longer if my mom has her way. She likes to think of me as her gardener and that is late May til Aug. No no no, I miss my own little family here in WA and my beach, of course:>)
            What made you leave the U.S.?


          • Got married to an Italian I met at college. Then traveled back and forth from Italy to different countries in Africa until we settled down in Italy in 1982, but then things went the way they went…he with a russian girl to Angola and in 1987 met my presnt husband, also an Italian. So never came home except for a visit from time to time…but in the lower 48 where my family made there home when Dad retired. My life in a nutshell 🙂


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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