And now for something totally different

Sekhmet is in the lower right hand corner...very discreet, along with some of her periphericals...

Sekhmet is in the lower right hand corner…very discreet, along with some of her peripherals…

Ok…been reading posts today, lots and lots and oodles of posts!

How prolific and fantastic you all are.  Love the photos, admire the writing and just have to stand opened mouth at some of the great poetry I’ve been reading!

Why am I so late reading…and still have to read over 600 posts (which I’ll never be able to do, because once I’m finished here there will be another 100 or so to read)?  It’s all about Sekhmet…but now, I realize that I have about an hour to actually blog myself, and after all this fantastic reading, all I can think about is her, Sekhmet, my computer.  So….

Sekhmet ticks.  That’s right she ticks like a time bomb or an old analogical clock! Tick – Tick – Tick…. scary really!

The crazy thing is, she ticks when the power is totally shut off.  I mean not just closed down, turned off, I mean without any sort of power source surging to keep her body parts warm at night.  I have a switch that turns off all the power…no little L.E.D.s to light up.  So how can Sekhmet tick? And the second question is…why when I do turn on the power…not the computer, just the power switch, does she stop ticking?!

I noticed this bit of strangeness day before yesterday when I added a pci parallel port card to connect my old HP Laserjet 4L printer.  My computer doesn’t have a built-in parallel port…too modern for that sort of thing (doesn’t have a floppy disk drive either sheesh!), and so I’d bought an adapter, a sort of dock, that converted the parallel port function to usb in order to add my printer to Sekhmet.

Ah, alas and sigh… that I decided it was time to get modern and go open source…and liberate myself from the clawing multinational monopoly that is Microsoft.  I’d been a bit irritated with their policies since the Vista debacle…became weary with their quest to shove their attempts to save face with 7 and now 8 down user’s throats…so I said: “Sekhmet is no spring chicken.  Sooner or later I’ll have to replace her, so I’d better learn how to use an alternative OS.”

That alternative as you know if you read my Just a Note a couple of weeks ago, has been Ubuntu 12.4…I’d decided I didn’t want to fool around with a beta model.  Well folks, Ubuntu is the pits from a Windows’ user’s point of view.  I love the ease of just clicking .exe and getting the blasted job done clicking setup, I’ll even search out and find drivers for XP with no problem and add them without a hitch. Easy as you please I can tweak Xp and get it to run and purr like a kitten, not so Ubuntu.  Between you and me, I really think that Ubuntu is male oriented…it’s the tinkering quality that brings this to mind.  You know how the laddies like to rummage around the insides of things trying to tweak et al…some like automobiles…others computers.

Don’t get me wrong.  The problem lies within me, Georgia.  I haven’t used a command lines or dos code since around 2003…can barely remember that cd tells the computer to open a directory (does it?) a SUD for me is the misspelling of a foamy substance that soap or beer produces…and here you have to very often use command lines in order to get anything done.  I had to take my dock adaptor, I mentioned above, off the computer, which works beautifully on my XP system btw, because…they stopped making drivers for the thing back in 2006!  Obsolete! Kaput!

The ideological and probably correct point of view of the Unbutu people and probably most other Linux kernel developers is that proprietary programs…programs and sometimes drivers whatever, should be excluded in their setup.  What’s a proprietary program…well, Picasa 3 for example and it would seem my Samsung CLP-365W color laser printer drivers…by the way, I’m probably being unjust about the Samsung problem, they have a Universal Linux driver pack over at Samsung, just can’t get it to work!  I’ve spent hours of my life this last week trying to get Unbutu to recognize my color printer, once I solved my b&w printer’s problem (which took a day).  Now you should know, I still have to get it to recognize (which it won’t) my HP scanner 3600 series, my Creative webcam because I need to get Skype set up there too…another proprietary program.

And now Sekhmet ticks.  Maybe she’s getting impatient, you know how Goddesses can be.

Sekhmet taps her foot:
“Whatever is this human doing
trying to change my
lovely configuration
with her silly mortal attempts
to undermine
my divinity.”

“She’s not good at writing code
she can barely write
a poem
an ode (not at all)
or a decent short story!”

“She’s ticking me off
that’s for sure
and so I’m going
to give her what for.”

“Ah…these silly mortals
with their thoughts of immortality
cannot even begin to understandthe luck they have
to deal with a divinity!”

“So get yourself off
playing with my insides
before I decide
to blow a fuse
which will teach you not to abuse
my patience any further!”

Just thought I’d add this little Free Verse for the We Drink Because We’re Poets personification poem that Sahm put up on Monday 😉

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