Quatrain: The Bard a dream and Haiku


The Bard

Listen to yon bonny bard,
Who plays his harp so sweetly.
Out in the green of the yard,
Come sit with me but meetly.

Strums and sings our history,
Does the man from old Dublin.
Tells us of the mystery.
Of our times now so troublin’.

Go get your bones and play them,
With our yon minstrel teacher.
It’d be a jolly good hymn,
To hear that snappy feature!

Ah..I dreamt of bards now gone!
Which leaves me a weary heart.
This world ’tis a shadow wan,
World of electronic art.


The music is by Adrian von Zeigler and I got the link from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, which is for today’s haiku prompt!   So I will now do the haiku prompt…but the quatrain seeped in before the haiku.



gentle lute playing
among birds in yon forest
sweet bright melodies


mysterious days
the kingdom of bards walking
among men teaching


barters song for speed
prefers illusion to light
dark age of wonder


lost in dark wonders
far from nature’s heart beating
no bard now leads us


12 thoughts on “Quatrain: The Bard a dream and Haiku

    • Thanks dear. The music is inspiring…but if I have to tell the truth, I wanted to try Sahm’s Irish rhyme, but messed it up and came up with a quatrain instead :-/, it was probably fate….


  1. Awesome Bastet … what a great post … you were on a roll here with haiku, but that quartrain is really wonderfully composed. It”s not really my ”cup of tea” to write long poems, but I like reading them.


    • Thanks so much Chèvrefeuille! I don’t really know what my cup of tea is…I’ve found over the year that poetry forms are very interesting and challenging and that I enjoy them very much. The quatrain seems particullarly easy. I love the haiku for thir synthesis and essentialness. Each has something different to tell me.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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