First 50 words: Shopping

Free Verse

Traipsing down a thoroughfare,
Filling my shopping basket…
Flashing lights abounding
Music there to stun me.
I wind up buying glitz
Useless crap and Chinese clap trap
All in the name of Christmas cheer!
This and every year!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Says Ebenezer Scrooge…
Now I know where I fit in!
Misers hurt the market badly…
Got to give the plebs their credit!
Get the market growing
So we can make more profits!
There’s always time
For rude foreclosures
After the New Year comes around.

This was inspired by the First 50 Words: Shopping

I love Christmas..the lights, decorations,  music and having family and friends over.  I don’t like how the market works though and how the profiteers induce people to buy useless junk with their chutzpah in the name of peace and love for the season.  In the distant past these festivities were born to uplift and augur a safe passage throught the darkest period of the year. It was all too often a time  of desparate cold and famine.  People were often closed off, isolated in their homes, because it was too cold to go out.  So, feasts of light and hospitality were born… 😉

Just for fun…I though I’d share this with you, as it was gifted to me:

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