Haiku: Family – The Pack!


dancing together
hand in hand ’round the fire-light
we are family

This was written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai # 350…the music made me smile and my heart to dance!

11 thoughts on “Haiku: Family – The Pack!

  1. I got all my sisters with me.

    😦 Now a song is stuck in my head and I’m thinking of witches and Christmas and being in the Boy Scouts all at the same time… :/ Thanks a lot Bastet. 😡

    On another note, great haiku.


    • rofl…sounds like a great Christmas story to me…but could make a good song too:

      Sahm’s Christmas Lament

      The witches of Christmas
      came to visit today
      brining their eight tiny broom sticks
      to clean out the cobwebs
      for a clean Christmas day.
      I once was a Boy Scout
      if you know what that means
      and when the season came ’round
      I hid from my pack leader
      my sisters’ true nature.
      We were quite a pack…
      both my family and troop
      but conflicting inclinations would
      have caused quit a hullabaloo
      of an unChristmassy sort.
      Now I’m all grown-up
      so I know they’re not really witches
      Christmas or not…
      except I’m not sure
      For here are my sisters
      gathered all together
      to chitter and chatter about
      our Christmas weather,
      of turkeys and relatives
      of gossip and counseling
      and telling me each one
      how I should live my own life.

      Glad you liked the haiku 😉


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