Short Fiction: The Naughty Elves

Short Fiction

The Naughty Elves

 Isabella by John Everett Millais

Isabella by John Everett Millais

“I found the tracks in the deep snow between the trees.” Jonathan said breathlessly to the sherif….That’s how the post should have begun…unfortunately some quirk in my brain had it begin:

“Pass the basil would you?”  or was it in my mind?

The other morning I was sitting in the Akashic library with Sekhmet and Bastet having a meeting to see which prompts we’d be working on this week.  Sekhmet had asked Santa’s elves to run off a few copies of the various weekly prompts. We were shuffling through them trying to decide what to write and photograph when Sekhmet shouted to get our attention.

“Ah…this one is just great!”  said Sekhmet enthusiastically. “I do so love this traditional Genoese dish!”

Sekhmet usually goes for a more action packed sort of adventure…if we do epic or wax indignant, you can be sure it’s a Sekhmet inspiration.  So I was delighted to see her interested in something as tame as “Pesto Alla Genovese”.   Since they’d pulled me out of bed at the unholy hour of 3:00 am, I just took Sekhmet’s word that indeed this post was to begin: “Pass the Basil would you?” and jotted off a sort of recipe post.

We did hear the elves tittering in the back of the reading room, but then elves are always tittering this time of year, and tippling too!   It was only after I’d actually posted the story, linked to the linky thingy and had gone on to do a couple of haiku, that we learned something was askew! Indeed, ’twas thanks to one of our visitors to our blog, a semi-goddess from Texas, Lilith Colbert who’d written a story for the same prompt for her  “5 Degrees of Inspiration” who warned us!

“Loverly write, but the sentence is wrong….

*Your piece must include the following sentence as the FIRST line: “I found the tracks in the deep snow between the trees.”*

don’t smite me!!”

With an almighty scream Sekhmet got my attention! I went to the second post indicated to me by dear Lilith and saw the true prompt!  I pulled the post immediately, that is, I changed the title and took it off the linky thingy and removed the Speakeasy badge, tags etc, then put Speakeasy on hold…that is until now.

Got to watch out for those silly Christmas Elves people…especially at this time of the year when Loki is full of Christmas cheer…you do know that he and elves often hangout together at the pub right and that they can be just a naughty as he?

A gif from Blu!

A gif from Blu! Click to see the action!

For Speakeasy #140!

This time with everything I’m at a 446 word count 😉

18 thoughts on “Short Fiction: The Naughty Elves

  1. In the immortal words of Homer: “D’oh!” With a goddess, is any hour “unholy”? 😉 Love this as its so funny (although it will probably be less so when it inevitably happens to me 🙂 )!


    • Yep…the unholy thing occured to me when I wrote it…but then I said…WTH if you deal with goddesses all the time it all becomes pretty secular and you must admit that 3:00am is a pain in the derriere! I agree it is funny now…but was not so much the other morning believe me 😉


  2. Why did I come here? Let’s see. Had something to do with the haiku I believe. Let’s see if I have one in me.
    Cinnamon, Saffron,
    A good sprinkling of jasmine,
    Please pass the basil.


  3. Tee hee! Nice save! You weren’t the only one that thought “Pass the basil, would you?” was this week’s sentence prompt. Interesting.

    Anyway, I didn’t see your first piece, but this one is great! Very clever and very funny. I’m glad you came back. 🙂


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