40 thoughts on “Tanka: Influenza

  1. best place when you have the flu
    is to be no where near you
    as you cough and wheeze
    splutter, moan and freeze
    I’m glad I don’t live in a northern zoo.

    Brilliant poet aren’t I Georgia. Hope you are soon feeling better.
    Stay warm..


  2. so sorry to red this, Georgia:(. Take care of yourself…so many with different viruses.. I felt like wearing a mask… I cant visit my mom with any signs of flu at the nursing home. Rest well and let the world around you SERVE YOU… That is MY prescription!!


    • Yuck…in these last couple of days food took on a strange taste and everything made me nauseous…except brioche and oranges…go figure. Even my beloved coffee has become a no-no. The sleep sure did…I’ve slept so much I’m surprise that I can still fall asleep! Thanks for your comment dear. Thing are getting better no fever now for the last 12 hours.


        • Now, believe it or not…that never lacked. When the fever hit me, I couldn’t keep my eyes open…I must of slept for about 24 hours straight (except to take care of physiologial needs), food tasted awful so I just drank water and slept. Craziest flu I’ve ever had.


          • LOL…don’t think I can patent it…darn…seems I’m not the only one in my area with this reaction to the flu! I did take up eating oranges the next day…mind not bottled orange juice…just fresh oranges…


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