Free Verse: The New Day

Free Verse

The New Day

Hail 2014
In your sweet morning blush
Wispy tendrils of cloud,
Streaking across the new sky
A cool wind whistles past,
As I walk and you wake…
I wonder what awaits
In this brand new year,
We’ve just created
So rosy and hopeful.

A year is a creation…
It doesn’t exist,
Like a person or tree or
Bright winter’s snow.
We name there a name,
We create then a theme,
And from our imagination…
We create a beginning
From an end that never was.

If what I say is true…
And it is,  you may be sure,
There’s nothing that’s new
Nothing to begin…
Yet our imagination,
Created in a flash
A new day – A new year  – A new
hope for life.

So magical morn…
In your first tender flush,
As people now lay down to rest
After hailing you in…
With fireworks, loud explosions
Boisterous song and emotions…
I name you bright morning!
Hopeful new dawn!
I’ll pretend you’re a new era
A new age just begun…

So awaken  2014
With your gift of new life!
Bring us peace,
Bring us wealth,
Bring us hope…

As we…

Put in all our energy
To make it all come true..
Let’s wish ourselves once again
Happy New Year!

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