Enough Thanks already!

Enough Thanks already!

I read your poem
I must admit…
The first words that came
To mind were these:

When we are filled up to our gills
With all the stuff that makes us ill
They’ve taught us all how to say: No Thanks!
Because when we refuse, we should also apologize…
As though it’s something their doing for us
A good turn and not a form of abuse…
Filling our minds and hearts with
Junk…filling our souls with sour off-gone

And if we learned to say…
Take all your crap away,
I’m not interested…
Take your publicity,
Your ads and your propaganda too!
And put it all up yours
With the rest of your consummerism
ideals that have made us sick!
Just say no: not No Thanks….
Just say a sweet honest straight forward:

Fuck off!
And have done with it all…
Wouldn’t that be nice?


This was inspired by: Valeriu’s poem…so nicely put…Thank you, I have enough…by Valeriu

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