16 thoughts on “Sedoka: Illusion

    • LOL…I’m not sick of 2014…pure zen though dear…show me just on atom of justice or an ounce of a new year…just having fun with early morning paradoxes. It’s really cool when you sit back and say…helll where is the new year…I mean it really doesn’t exist at all…it’s a massive illusion created by our western ideas…and when you start thinking about money…and wealth ha! If those weren’t such a potent illusions the world would be a little different I think. Don’t worry…I’ll put mys Zen ideas away in a bit 😉


        • You have a good day too…basically I don’t think that man is fundamentally greedy…I think he’s fundamentally afraid…and he uses his imagination in a stupid way…by the way the atom of justice bit was Terry Prachett’s: line said by the Grim Reaper in Hogfather 😉


        • Actually…so are the japanese, the Chinese, the moslems, certain Christians, not to speak of Hindis and probably a whole bunch of other people…which brings me to speak about illusions and New Years 😀


          • Well, you might have the right idea….hmmm…let’s say we created a whole bunch of stuff to try to make sense out of a world that is a casual encounter of a bunch of elements…and as we just don’t lke the idea that we have no special reason to exist and it makes us feel a little weird, we needed those illusions as well as time to give us a sense of continuity…there are a lot of Fantasy writers out there now that I think about it…


          • Yeah, but we’re really outnumbered by romance authors. Fantasy authors could conquer a modest-sized country if united. Romance authors rule the world within a day.


          • Yeah, you do have a point there…and those Romance authors do get rather sticky too…could be that they do rule the world with all their romantic love…syrupy sticky predestined romantic stuff…it really might be better to have a little more epic fantasy…


          • Fantasy fans and authors can butt heads too often. Probably best that there’s not as many of us. Otherwise, we’ll have to do battle in the streets to prove whose world is superior. 😉


          • UHM…Yes, you do have a point there…and there are already so many others doing battle in the streets already trying to prove whose world is superior…


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