Vintage Videos….

Hello Everyone.

This morning I was going through my mail and came across this post that made me really smile:

Vintage is January Music Passion

So:  I thought I’d show you some really great vintage music!

Let’s start out with “Leader of the Pack” by the Shangri-Las:

The Monkees: Last Train to Clarkville:

Autumn Leaves: By Edith Piaf:

And just for the kiddies, Puff the Magic Dragon:

Have a great day folks…and if you’ve got any vintage videos you’d like to share…I’ll be happy to watch them 😉

Oh…just one last video!

18 thoughts on “Vintage Videos….

  1. Excellent 🙂 I was reminded of Bird Dog this morning by the Everly Brothers 🙂 I love Leader of the Pack, and the remake by Twisted Sister. Also, I always said that Puff the Magic Dragon was a song about the town I grew up in. After all, it is the cannabis entry into the country 😉


  2. Ha! Confession time, this reminded me of when I was young and listening to my Mom’s music (before she switched to Elvis and Vince Gill for some reason 🙂 ). Think I’ll scrounge up some of my favorites! Thanks!


    • That would be fun! My Mom went in for Elvis in a big way when I was around 4…she used to listen to Glen Miller (I think that was actually my Dad’s music) before that I don’t know who Vince Gill is 🙂 so i’td be cool if you do post and will link me!


      • Vince Gill is a country singer, and it’s just as well you don’t know 😉 Being subjected to him (and his photos around the house) has soured me rather nicely, although I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice person 😀


        • LOL…my grandparents wer Gran ‘Ol Oprey fans…and on Saturday Night there was the Lawrence Welk…now that was stuff to curdle the cat’s milk! 😦


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