Free Verse: Direction


And where will they find direction..
In a world that knows no goals,
In a land that lives in constant crisis,
Where production is a by word for, dereliction.

The communists fell with a shattering smash!
And we all exalted at the capitalist’s  win!
The world with it’s bright productive new future,
And the markets shed their fetters to expand!

Too bad that expansion was without substance,
That the growth was all in some bubbly imagination…
That without rules everyone screwed everybody else!
And we’re now in our euphoric hell singing hurrah!

The money’s there somewhere…just not for you or me…
All the arms that we’ve sold made a profit somewhere you see.
And the banker’s who were bailed out…still pull in their interests,
So why is it that so many are without jobs and homeless?

Well, my friends it’s because we need direction…
We need to think positive and smile all day long…
Believe brother and sister in the system…amen
And, well it helps if your pappy is Goldman-Sachs.


This was written for Poets on the Page:  This week we will use the theme of “Direction” – you may take that in a multitude of places (I almost said directions!)

5 thoughts on “Free Verse: Direction

    • Nah…never helped to be bitter…what helps is being able to be calm, cool and collected…it’s easier to be that if one isn’t angry or bitter. If you really look at the situation, it’s kind of sad and when I think that my sons and my grandkids are getting the short end of the stick…well it does make me a little upset, I don’t happen to suffer from the economical crisis at the moment, it just worked out that way and I’m really happy I don’t have to stand in a soup line and that my house didn’t get taken away from me because I lost my job—Funny…it does seem that no on likes my poem…ever noticed how that works? If you’re wallowing in sad tears or mushy stuff…everyone loves it…politics and economics are more tabu then oral sex I think 😉


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