Montreal Velocipede Masacres: Silly Poem

Photo: Oliana Kim, Montreal, Dec 19th, 2013

Photo: Oliana Kim, Montreal, Dec 19th, 2013

Alarm! It’s come to my sad attention,
That in Canada (such a great nation)
Lives a monster, of incredible cruelty…
A monster born in the dead of winter…
Who terrorizes young velocipede,
In their nests, poor dears, awaiting the dawn.
Succumb many to these heinous attacks…
Snowplows maim and mangle them each cold night.

Call the United Nations! Raise the cry,
Oh science, reason and human good will…
Save the velocipede from cruel snowplows
Who wildly roar in early morning hours,
Crunching under their great tires and brash blades
Elegant delicate slim velocipede!
Alas the streets are strewn with their corpses…
Raise up your voices in protest oh masses…
We must stop this wanton destruction, now!

Thank you Oliana Kim for bringing this terrible event to world attention…let us all unite!  I can assure you that if you visit Oliana’s blog you will find many more photos of poor dear velocipede’s in similar condition…and here I’ve not begun to speak of how they are treated by automobiles…truely a disgrace… 😉

12 thoughts on “Montreal Velocipede Masacres: Silly Poem

  1. I love this! When I lived in Montreal, I would bring my bike even in summer months, up that curved staircase to my second floor apartment. I felt cool in my new single life at 40+…like I was Seinfeld with my bike hanging from the ceiling! 😀


        • UHHHNMMM….I maybe missed something here…but if the bikes had cement blocks holding down their cavas..but really big blocks…streetwards…can you imagine the snowplow concert…..BANG-BONG-BAng etc…


          • Oooopsss…must be careful about this cracking people up…I was reading with my class last night the Jabberwocky and Humpty Dumpty’s explanation of some of the words…then I had to explain who/what Humpty Dumpty was….he really cracked up…my class was wondering about the sanity of the English nursery story and were probably concluding that with stories like the odd sense of English humor was made self evident…we do tend to have more nonsense than do the Italians…or at least it’s more whimsical…and how go the French in this department?


  2. Ahaha! This is so true. There was this lonely bike chained right outside my work window for the longest time, and actually as I’m writing this, I realized it’s no longer there. I miss my lonely bike! :))))))))))



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