Senryu Suite – Idle Thoughts : January 13, 2014

Idle Thoughts

just another day
nothing special nothing new


Monday cooking thoughts
well maybe food ideas
I’ll cook for three days

made some fresh paté
a vegetable soup with beans
that’s for tomorrow

cheese macaroni
lovely American food
made in Italy


took a supplement
like sucking iron filings
heartburn all day long
turned my teeth sort of greyish
I need an iron diet

12 thoughts on “Senryu Suite – Idle Thoughts : January 13, 2014

    • Thanks love! I made myself some patè di fois today, but am not fond at all of horse meat…clams are ok too. I also discovered I should eat a lot of citrus with the iron foods and avoid coffee, tea, chocolate, dairy products, fiber and something else for two hours before and after I eas an iron rich meal…I googled 😉


      • Yes citrus with spinach (so a clementine and spinach salad) …the citrus seems to get the iron out. I was not a fan of horse meat until I realized the iron that I needed..I get bruises from the lack thereof! And was a vegetarian for 20yrs…so have to remind myself to eat meat…keep taking care of yourself, kiddo…I need your mentorship…well, friendship too (grins)


        • Thanks…yes know about those brusises that pop out of no where…I’m going to look into my second problem the vit d deficiency that I’ve been working on for my second winter now. wonder if all that calcium that wandering around not being fixed into my bones would also mess up the iron assimulation…interesting thought. Will research.


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