Blah Morning – dVerse


Blah Morning (Tanka)

rained the night through,
yes, it’s sodding raining still .
blah a dull grey day,
so depressing, may invite,
melancholy – suicide.

a bit dramatic?
yeah, I guess you’re right, it is,
but statistics say
that it’s this sort of dark day
which can make the mighty fall

blah…what a bother
being pulled out of one’s bed
for no good reason
forced to slosh in cold rainfall
to go to work or to school

there’s no fire today
just the drip, drip, drip of damp
good to mildew books
bring on arthritis and cramps
blah, what a waste of a day

Pablo Neruda
I’m coming to visit you
your words may inspire
better than this wet lake quagmire
or these drippy dull mountains.

(Written for dVerse OpenLinkNight found via Bjorn and his Charcoal Letter – very nice by the way go and read it!)

4 thoughts on “Blah Morning – dVerse

  1. Thta was a very touching Tanka, Georgia… Sorrorw, whispering doubts, inner thoughts: the way to relate facts of your past as the cold rainfalls. shows up.. Onomatopeias (just the drip, drip, drip of damp), and a silent dark island… Neruda waits there in southern Chile…

    Congratulations, I just loved it 🙂

    AQuileana !!!


    • Thank you so very much Aquileana, what a lovely comment you’ve gifed me on my blah morning…makes the inner Sun shine brightly! And Neruda is such a fine author/poet!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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