Hot: Free Association Writing Exercise


Poets on a page

Poetry Prompt: Write a “hot” poem. Use ideas from your free-write or from the images below.
First thing that came to mind
Wish it were hot
then of course when it is
I’ll wish it were cold
What is it about we human beings
Seems that we were born
Just to complain
Is there no peace to be had?
The Poem
As I walked along the lane
I saw a lad with a fishing cane
what could he be doing
In the middle of winter
I don’t know…
But he was there just the same…
They tell me that to write cool poems
The best thing to do is ad-lib
let the brain do it’s thing
I might agree with that
You can get some hot ideas
Just writing whatever comes to mind,
Ask Kerouac,  wasn’t it he
Who theorized that
you just write what ever comes to mind?
for a whole generation, that was fine…
He wrote books like this…
On The Road was one
But have you ever read
anything he wrote?
Might not be hot…but it is a start
just writing without form
without rhyme
without reason
to see if I canbecome
a real beatnik
a late-blooming one at that
yeah, a member of the beat generation
heh, nobody really reads
anything the beatniks wrote
and besides I was born
after they came about…
read they were against Freud
and communists…
they were really a mixup bunch
some said they were hooligans
can’t keep my mind on hot
maybe because it’s so blasted cold…
Who knows…
Oh well, I’ll go on to the next prompt




in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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