Models and Molds – A Choka


Models and Molds

so many have passed
influencing my beliefs
and yet,  I have none
to whom I would bow down to
years came and they’ve gone
with bright thoughts and ideals
yet, I realized
thirty years or so ago
that men are just men
though their words may be sublime…
I’ve read the works of Gandhi
and admired his life
I’ve read the Dalai Lama
nothing to deny
The words of Marx or Sartre
Michel Foucault or
Simone de Beauvoir or Proust
each has left a seed
yet none has left a pathway
singers and poets
moved my soul to grateful tears
the wonder of art
miraculous expressions
of the human soul…
I love Ms Anonymous
for words of the wind
who then should I be choosing
for a special thanks
in truth no day passes by
without a surprise
a new name for a listing
though only for my own eyes


Dungeon Prompts are meant to help with opening the abandoned rooms inside ourselves and dusting them off a bit.  Every Thursday morning (PST) I’ll give a prompt that runs for a week, giving you enough time to explore the recesses of your mind and get back with a poem, story, or creative offering.

I’ve chosen from the suggestions this prompt:

Write a short story, poem, or share a picture or song that talks about your feelings on role models.

12 thoughts on “Models and Molds – A Choka

    • Yes…it jumped in front of me the other morning and then sat there in the grass looking hauntily at me, as if to say…”So, what are you waiting for?” As soon as I snapped the one photo, off it went!


      • What a nice story… I never went out today…ended up working too many hours at home. At least I got a few posts…standing on my soapbox…lol but I may write tomirrow if Im stuck at the walkin clinic…goota find a dr to renew my thyroid meds…I hate clinics…best place to catch frighin flu:(


        • clinics, theaters, supermarkets, buses and trains….people don’t think that they should stay home when they’re sick othewise they infect others! Have a good tomorrow!


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  2. Nice. It probably is this way, like you said, that we have a lot of people that influence us and affect us in different ways even if we are not modeling ourselves after one in particular.


    • I don’t know how it is for others, when I was younger, I probably did have a hero or role figure…but it’s been so long that I was having difficulty remembering, so I wrote of my present.


  3. I believe it is extremely limiting to don yourself in the shadow and future light of a single role model. It is like you will forever be denying the possible wisdom of another, as well as embracing the darkness that your current role model can suddenly offer you.
    Lovely poem and the cat is adorable 😀


    • Yes Oloriel, a model is good up to a certain point, and I guess that when we are young we do tend to look up to idealiatic figures….but as you grow,I think you should be going beyond models…take Gibran whom everyone loves as a writer, but his life was not so cool, Einstein was a genius, but also rather sociopathic…to follow a person is not only limiting, but perhaps sometimes dangerous.
      I liked the cat as well…could be a Sekhmet descendant 😀 very haunty indeed!


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