The days of the Blackbird – Friday Fictioneers

Copyright – Erin Leary

Copyright – Erin Leary

Here in Italy, we’re rapidly approaching the Days of the Blackbird! Ah, you don’t know what they are?

A Long time ago, January had 28 days.  He liked teasing Mrs. Blackbird, snowing on her when she came out of her nest; her shouting and crying made him laugh!

She said: “I’ll put aside food and will hide in my nest until January goes away!”

Once the 28 days were over, she jumped up and thumbed her nose at January!  Proud, he became very angry and stole 3 days from February. Now he hides in wait and tries to surprise Mrs. Blackbird!


There are actually a lot of legends and stories as to why we call the last three days of January “I giorni della Merla” here in Italy but I liked this one so I chose it.  By the way, in the old Roman Calendar, January had 29 days.

There are also many folk festivals during these last  three days of January in the central and northern part of Italy. A popular wive’s tale has it that if the last three days of January are very cold then there will be an early warm spring!  So let’s hope they’re cold!

Word count: 100 – written for Friday Fictioneers

29 thoughts on “The days of the Blackbird – Friday Fictioneers

    • Now now, February is a perfectly good month to have a birthday, and if you did you wouldn’t know the difference, though I can understand you, I’d have to be born in March…February is fine by me 😀 lol


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