A Birthday Poem

Local disused church – Woomelang, Australia

Local disused church – Woomelang, Australia

 Faithfully standing,
leaning and swaying a bit.

In need of a mending…
yes, a bit dilapidated,
in ruin and corrugated.

a symbol of belief,
carefully cultivated,
in a distant youth
with glorious
song and pomp!

Now just memories
in need of a
patching up
or a conversion.

Some bright new idea,
an inspiration,
would lend new energy
and purposeful meaning
to your life.

Here’s to you, my friend
who’s celebrated
your 72nd year
of life.

I wrote this poem today for Pixelventures’ thanks to Leanne Cole‘s lovely photograph of this disused church in Woomalang, Australia.

I’m not sure why an old church should remind me of a person, or vice-versa…but somehow it does.  Perhaps because this person was particularly dogmatic in his beliefs, sure in his purpose, with nary a doubt; what in Italy we call a 68er.  Best wishes in anycase.

10 thoughts on “A Birthday Poem

  1. Lovely Georgia, your poem could refer to anything actually, I saw myself in it as well, leaning, dilapidated, in need of repair, and I don’t know where Woomalang is. Enjoyed this one well done.


    • LOL…as I was saying to Michael neither am I but I too feel a bit delapidated at the mo’. When you start putting those years on…well you get a wee bit weary and worried.


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