Modern Alchemists – Trifextra Challenge


(c) Thomas Leuthard

Modern Alchemists

toiling over tomes
of modern magic
and alchemy
new age wizards
of compound interest
study the pitfalls
of inflation
in fearful fascination
constant scrutiny
of wayward dragons
to dangerous thoughtless

This week’s Trifextra challenge: This week we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by the picture.

18 thoughts on “Modern Alchemists – Trifextra Challenge

    • lol…somebody really should…I man it’s nearly 8 years since the beginning of the last bubble burst no? We really do need a few wizards to not only solve the problem…but prevent the dragons creating new ones! 😉


  1. There is a lot of truth to your piece. The wayward pronouncements and proclamations of these so-called financial gurus have caused a lot of damage and pain across the world. Well-stated words on your part. Well done. 🙂


  2. Wow – what a totally different direction to go! This has a really nice rhythm and flow. I really like the opening three lines, actually – they feel like they need to be spoken out loud. Well, the whole piece does. Nice job!


  3. This line in particular really stood out for me. I love it!

    the pitfalls
    of inflation
    in fearful fascination

    All in all the flow and rhythm of this is beautiful!


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