The Dig – (a Haibun)

© MaryAnn Holloway

© MaryAnn Holloway

The Dig

The sun shone relentlessly down on us that day the temperature hit 50°C, practically a cool day in the Danakil Depression, when we made our discovery.

We’d put together our small expedition a week earlier.  Jean-Jacque, Marcel, Marie-ann and myself. We left Djibouti where we lived a long with with a couple of trusted Afar guides.  Moussa, whom we’d known now for about 4 year and one of his cousins. He said knew of a place where we could “dig up bones”.

We didn’t expect to find another Lucy or any of her relatives…well, we didn’t expect to, but we sure would have liked to!

We set up camp and the next morning we began to look into the area Moussa thought might be interesting.  After a week, there they were, our first finds!

What they were we couldn’t quite tell, obviously not an Australopithecus, more like a small dinosaur!  For days, we worked around the site with brushes, photographing every so often to document the various stages of our work.  Then not far away from the first dig, Jean-Jacques found another treasure trove and even a small silver earring!

At last we could identify the bone we’d completely uncovered!

Sigh, a camel…ancient perhaps but still too “young” to be interesting or even dated.

love of history
sirene call of the past
camels and silver


Written for Haibun Thinking Writing Challenge

16 thoughts on “The Dig – (a Haibun)

  1. I like what you have done with this prompt. The expectation of something wondrous only to find normality. I had a look at what “Lucy” was. I like the way you had this as finding something standard rather than a miraculous discovery.

    Great post and thank you for taking part again


  2. I do like how the science of it all, but is it poetic justice to only occasionally find the really good stuff? I remember the find of Lucy in the news. I’ve been watching a channel here called H2 – interesting how science and science fiction attempt to marry.

    Nice write. Cheers, Jules.


    • Thanks Jules for your comment. I think rather than poetic justice, it’s a question of statistics…in the sense that there are a lot of researchers and little to be found…and yes, it is interesting how we want to mix science and science fiction! Ciao Georgia.


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