Points of Light, Sparkling in the Day,
The Night, Embody Mischief like Parody,
Intoxicate my Inner Child
Reticence Liberated to Dance Free and Wild.


Colours Vivid, Painting the View
Extravagance in Splendor, Much Ado,
Temptations Craving the Tender Flower,
Moment by Moment, Hour by Hour.



And once again it’s time to play!
We’ll wear our masks and then,
Dance the giddy night away!
Joyfully with folly in Winter’s heart,
For it’s the time for Carnival,
Our last feast before the fast!

Dance Columbine oh my bonny dame
With sad Mute Moretta of Frenchy fame
Around the courtyards…along the canals
Until the music stops at break of dawn…
Then with sad tolling bells to greet the morn
40 days of fasting are to be borne
Until Easter Morn at last is come…
To resurrect the world again.

– Bastet –

Carnevale is only officially on Martedì Grasso or Shrove Tuesday but it is celebrated with floats and parties for several weeks before the official day of Carnival.

Morgan’s Friday Fun Prompt.


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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