Questions: dVerse Poetics


Where’s the babies pacifier?
Where’s the bottle where’s the rum?
Where’s the man with all the answers?
Where’s the soldier with the gun?
Where’s the reverend who’ll save your soul?
Where’s the flowers of his grave?

The baby buried the pacifier…
The bottle’s empty, there’s no rum…
The man’s answers dried up long ago…
The gun stopped shooting the soldier’s gone…
The reverend went to meet his maker…
The flowers were stolen yesterday…

Who is the man I thought I knew?
Who is the woman that you married?
Who is that person if not your son?
Who was the leader who ran the country?
Who is the guru who’ll teach you nirvana?
Who will bury you when you are dead?

Just an illusion with whom I fell in love…
Just an illusion you created  that’s all…
Just an illusion, a man who once lived in your house…
Just an illusion, the country’s had no leaders…
Just an illusion for nirvana’s inside you…
Just an illusion you’ll be long gone by then!

For dVerse…Poetics – Repetitions

I love this film…and when I saw dVerse had posted it as part of the prompt…well…I thought I put it up here!

8 thoughts on “Questions: dVerse Poetics

  1. Georgia. This one was mind blowing. I absolutely enjoyed the poem´s structure as it is circular and as it links he nouns of the first stanza, by repeating them.
    You have reached a powerful poetic effect here …
    Cheers & congratulations, Aquileana


    • Thanks Aquileana…I think that I may dedicate a period of time trying the various forms of repetition one of these days…this was rather straight forward…and created an interesting effect. Thanks for your feedback. Georgia.


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