11 thoughts on “Small Town Blues (Gary Kyrielle)

  1. I just got back from a couple of weeks in Ireland. Last time I was there (35 years ago OMG I’m old) it was a country of little villages of white cottages with thatched roofs and blue peat smoke coming from chimneys. Now it’s mile after mile of affluence—mcMansions that look like they were lifted from California subdivisions, strip malls with Starbucks and American hamburger chains. If I lived there, I’m sure the new stuff would be loads more comfortable, but I can’t help wondering if anyone there misses those little cottage villages.


    • I know what you mean…when I came back to the States after leaving abroad for over 30 some years…I found all that sort of thing and the small towns dying or dead, no community life, and I was glad that I was going to return home to Italy. There are place like that here too (not many actually) I think the people miss not so much the houses perhaps but the comunity life, yes…the moms and pops etc.


  2. I see that happening all over the place. It’s unnerving to see a series of closed stores with one barely surviving in the middle. It’s like finding a single flower in the middle of a fire-ravaged forest. You don’t know how it survived or for how long it will and it’s kind of sad to see it sitting there by itself.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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