The Angel Archway – Haibun Thinking

The Angel Archway

Each May the flowers bloom filling the air with their lovely profume.  I love the archway of flowers that lead to the gazebo down in the lover park of my Great Aunt’s manor .  Walking under the canopy of flowers on a warm day with that heady smell, is what I’d imagine it would be to walk through the gateways of heaven.

Oh, I’m not a “believer” but I am a child of my culture.  Here’s a drawing I made when I was ten of an angel.  I always loved angels…and by the time I was 18 I had quite a collection of angel cards.

When I was little my Great Aunt used to babysit with my when Mom went to work.  During story hour, because she always had a story hour, sometimes she’d talk about heaven and the Pearly Gates, however, she always added a flowered angel archway up to the gates. Guess she was inspired by her garden archway.

Funny, they found her just a few steps from the gazebo one early spring day.  She was 86 by then, and though she wasn’t ill, no one was surprised that she’d passed away.  remembering her stories, I always wondered if she’d the impression of passing through the flowered angel archway before she finally lost consciousness.

archways and angels
inviting tales from childhood
a gazebo waits

This was inspired and written for:Haibun Thinking

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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