Home At Last – Sunday Photo Fiction

Copyright Al Forbes

Copyright Al Forbes

We’d been driving all night.  We’d left what was now our ex-home in Tuscany at mid-night, following the furniture van that was taking all of our possessions to Trentino.

Gianni did the driving.  The baby was in the back seat sleeping, and we had the radio on.  Every once and a while we’d comment on a song or talk about the plans for the day.

We made a few stops along the high-way.  Coffee breaks, pee-pee breaks or just a stop over to stretch a little.

Finally, we arrived at our exit in Trentino.  We pulled into the parking area and since it was only 5:00 decided to take a nap.

Strange how it is sometimes, you get so tired you can’t sleep.  That’s what happened to me, so, I was just laying back letting my mind roam.  All of a sudden, the sun rose, glorious, like a promise for our new life, making my heart race.  We were home at last!


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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