The Muse – Sketchbook Poetry

The Muse

all night the poet talks to me
waking me up sometimes at 3
telling me tales I can’t remember
rhymes that just may never be

but in the morn
some words remain
they play hide and seek
throughout the day
within my brain
brief images that just pop up
full bown
without a reason
to connect with with me

so I’ll think: round and round
of a sound, a bit of music, a song
a picture or perhaps a scene
that seems so real – like memory…

until I get behind the keyboard
and the words come flowing down
I feel I’m being hounded
by some urgency
without reason or purpose
to be found.
Inside my brain there lives a poet
A muse a master or a clown
and as the things I see go past him
he puts them into prose or rhyme§

Good or Bad?
bah…whether good or bad’s
not my job to tell…
don’t mind me, I’m just
the person who writes things down


dVerse Poet’s Pub – Sketchbook

20 thoughts on “The Muse – Sketchbook Poetry

    • Thanks Loredana! It works more or less like that. So I found this prompt especially gratifying…I wrote the whole poem in about 10 minutes…then spent about 15 looking for the right photo, go figure! 🙂


  1. This is how an artist thinks, the hurried need to get ideas on paper or in paint…whatever the medium I think…it’s the nature of the beast…or song writing 😉 excellent!


  2. smiles… good or bad…good question and cannot be answered easily when it comes to poetry… when it comes to my own writing, i have to be able to feel the poem – if i don’t i will scrap it..ha… have tons of scrapped poems somewhere floating out in space…smiles


    • More than good or bad poems I was wondering if it was good or bad being sort of obsessed…I’ve got a bunch of “drafts” waiting to be looked into myself…smiles to you too


  3. ha. nice…it is not our job to determine good or bad or make judgements we are the watchers,,,,the recorders, the capturers of the scene and the world…not an easy role to fill…

    i will check your second one out after i see if you are actually reading others and not just linking and leaving….


    • you know…it’s happened that I’ve taken some poems and though just to reread them making a few editorial cuts and all of a sudden, I’m rewriting the whole thing…I’m not sure one can realy write the same poem twice, not even a haiku…or maybe especially a haiku (smile)


        • I think you’re probably correct. I also think we’re our own worst critic. I’ve written some poems that I wouldn’t have posted if I’d had any common sense (in my opinion) but lots of people actually liked it, and then there are poems that I really liked and almost no one liked them…makes you wonder.


          • Yes, sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, and sometimes people really like some of the worst stuff :),
            There’s no accounting for taste.

            I decided if it a poem was honest, I’d put it out.


          • And believe it or not…I just answered this comment…still seems that WordPress would like me to answer again (seems to happen a lot lately). I have to admit that the best one can do it just post if the poem seems decent and has something to tell…perhaps that’s what you mean by honest?


  4. I can really relate to what the muse says when we sleep. I have actually gotten up at night and wrote stuff down. You never know where or when inspiration is doing to pop up.


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