No. Love Poems… – Fibonacci Poem

Fibonacci Poem

No. Love Poems….

Just don’t come.
No lamentations.
No crying nor gnashing my teeth.
Alas my dried-up hormones have done their useful job.
Here, I look at the youthful and I really don’t envy them, their romantic throes!
(Famous last words, said before the woman went on an international cruise and met a distinguished Australian poet and author.)

Part Two

Leave me weak.
I hunger for more
Delirium in ecstasy
As your hands play my spine like a Spanish guitarist!

Part Three

Faithless illusion
His wife and children surround him!
Here lies the desolate victim of  illicit love!


Fibonacci poem: One, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four syllables.

You can read more about the Fibonacci poems here:

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