Reblog: Bastet’s Pixelventures!

Ok…something new as usual on WordPress and so I can’t reblog from Through the Eye of Bastet my reblog of the Pixelventures’ post that I wrote today… and as we all know, you can only reblog a post once, so I’m copying a bit of the article here from We Drink Because We’re Poets (this is the link to Pixelventures by the way 😉 )



I just processed this photo for a poem/story I wrote.  I needed something a little out of this world to illustrate the post…so I took one of my favorite photos and played around with it!  I really like how the photo came out, it turned out to be a good idea of the place I was trying to create!

Now for the prompt: I would like you to show me a photograph (or photographs) you’re particularly pleased with!  I’d also like you to tell me something about it, either in the form of a poem/story or a description of why you like it so much.   Of course it doesn’t have to be a manipulated photo at all it could be a great snapshot that just came out spectacularly good!

So my friends…go and have a look at Bastet’s Pixelventures…and show me a photo!

Ciao Bastet!


5 thoughts on “Reblog: Bastet’s Pixelventures!

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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