The Good Ship Lollipop

When I was a kid I loved to watch Shirley Temple movies and then I’d sing and dance around the house the rest of the day.

One of my favorite movies was “Bright Eyes”. I don’t know how many times I actually saw it, remember we’re talking about the days before VCRs and such.  But it must have been enough because years later, around 1980, I won a prize thanks to my interpretation of Good Ship Lollipop!

This is how it happened.

I lived in a construction camp out in the desert of Libia in a place called Ras Lanuf.  For Christmas our company, Snamprogetti, brought special food and presents in for the festivities of the employees and families stationed there.  The site managers organized some games for the evening, one consisting of pulling a slip of paper out of a hat , upon which was written what one’d have to do to win the price attached to the game.  I pulled…sing and dance a song. I don’t know where the memory popped up from, but within 5 minutes there I was prancing and singing Good Ship Lollipop.

Today, the song came to mind again when I read Grandma Says and discovered that Shirley Temple has passed away (February 10th 2014).  She was 85 years old and lived a full and life, talented child actress and later as Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia among other things.

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