Reflections at an Art Exhibition (Friday Fictioneers)

(C) Janet Webbs

(C) Janet Webbs

Reflections at an Art Exhibition

Opening the art show was
A smashing success
That fine St. Valentine’s Day.

Toasting the artist with
Champagne and Sangria,
Crowds of art lovers mulled around,
Spiced wine in hand,
Ooooing and awing
As they dipped into canapés.

She watched cynically,
The crisps disappeared.

The art lover’s president
Complimented her delicate “hand”,
She remembered that he’d said:
“What a shame!
You’ve moved on to photography!”
(Just the other day!).

The cake, almost gone,
The critics said their piece:
“How original
To mix among your photos
Your older works of art…”

She sipped her Sangria thinking,
What a collage it’d make.

Written for Friday Fictoneers

16 thoughts on “Reflections at an Art Exhibition (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. I like this turn on art shows…it goes with the colours too. I wondered where to check in future for Friday Fictioneers…I would like to try it but should put it on my calendar in my phone to make sure I don`t miss it. I always seem to be a day or two behind here.


    • I think there’s a link to Friday Fictioneers on the post. Once you get there, just follow and on Wednesday the prompt comes through the mail. It’ll be great to see your efforts!


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