Sunday Walk in Verse – Haibun

This morning the rain, is falling again, not really heavy, more like a thin mist.  Watered down gruel rain, one could call it or thin oatmeal rain. A messy mushy rain. Fact is, I’m tired of rain and thinking of rain and seeing rain!  Thank heaven’s I have my imagination, so today, I’ll take a Sunday walk in my imagination!

The grass, is a tender green, spring has just begun.  First blooms are blossoming at last, the swallows have begun to return and over past few weeks the blackbirds have been wooing their lady loves with their beautiful warbling song.

The sun is warm this morning on my back as I begin this early morning walk from Bolognano to the lake down in Torbole.  The warm air is a delight to my soul after the long dark and dreary winter.  Of course, we never got the really bad snow falls and storms that hit most of Europe, the United States and Canada.  I was happy to see that the sun has finally melted off the last of the snow and the temperatures have risen, even there!

Today, my first walk to the lake.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done that!  So, off I go, but first a stop off at Arco for breakfast and then…to the bike path and on to Torbole!  What a beautiful day!

springtime in my mind
blackbirds, swallows and sunshine

(now, to complete this walk, take a click over to Through the Eye of Bastet!)

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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