Travelling Through Life (Sestina)

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Along the road I daily travel,
Alone sometimes, sometimes with friends.
There are no sign posts which I can follow,
Just a trail upon which I can reflect
Upon each emotion each curve will bring
Hoping for happiness or at least not regret!


Silly to even think, I won’t know regret
At least upon one turn, as I travel.
I know not what regret may bring,
Perhaps, I’ll meet some steadfast friends.
So, it’s much wiser that I ponder and reflect,
And walk carefully on the path of life I follow.


Walking independently does not mean never follow,
There are somethings on that road I wouldn’t regret.
Wander-lusting, walking along a path, as I reflect,
Is an interesting way I think to travel.
I’ve met so many people, some now are friends,
This is what audacity can often bring.


Each day as I walk my path could bring,
(Though I never know which path I’ll follow)
Wonderful adventurers,  foes and friends,
New lines to write into my story without regret,
This is the miracle of the roads we travel,
So I tell myself,  as I wander on and reflect.


Yet if I should stop to contemplate and reflect,
On some of the sorrows, some choices bring.
I might well hesitated before I began to  travel,
Or more careful choose whom to follow,
There could be troubles for which I’ll regret
Losing sight of those I’d call my friends.


Oh my dear and loving friends
Let not this world separate us, reflect
So that we might not someday regret
Whither the pathway leads us, ask, will it bring
Yet more adventures for us to follow?
Such are the pathways on which we travel,


As one thinks of friends and the happiness they bring,
It helps that we reflect which roads to choose afore we follow.
For our life is short, regret has little value, where we will travel.


I wanted to try the sestina once again, and try to get a little looser with it.  It actually become less complicated once the mechanism of the poem becomes clear.  The photos in the poem were taken yesterday when I decided to go walk in the misty oatmeal mush that is our winter weather.  I guess it too has it’s beauty as well see today. 😉


2 thoughts on “Travelling Through Life (Sestina)

  1. Both the picture and the poem are very beautiful. I had a feeling you were more free while writing as I read it, and it turns out it is true, like you say at the end. I think with forms like these,you just gotta keep writing them.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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